Bridal perfetta

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Bridal perfetta

Charlotte Tilbury's Glowgasm collection is here! Snap happy "Remember that profile pictures are small and square shaped, so a strong, well structured shot in flattering lighting is essential.

And make sure you capture it on a quality camera. Feel focused "Wear clothes in bold, block colours - red, black or purple tend to look good and opt for a white or neutral background, or a blue sky so that you are the main focus of the picture.

Bridal perfetta

Go for simple, well-applied makeup to highlight your best features - most people suit either red lipstick Bridal perfetta smoky eyes, so think about visiting a department store makeup counter and have a makeover before you pose. Riding solo "Go it alone It's your profile pic, so it should be of you, and you alone!

If you can, position yourself on the outside of a shot with your best side towards camera. When you can't avoid a group shot, place yourself in the centre of Bridal perfetta group picture, don't stand straight, instead position your body towards the camera. Fancy footwork "Always angle your 'good side' towards the camera and position your body with one foot slightly forward, or shoulder if you are sitting.

Place your hands at an angle loosely by your side don't clench your fistsor hold something such as your bag, or keep one hand in your pocket.

Celeb copy cat "Think about how your favourite celebs and models pose, does their stance suit you? Are you a similar age, height, body shape? Lighten up "Uplighting can be harsh and highlight wrinkles, particularly under eye bags. Soft lighting is flattering to everyone. Think warm lighting or mood lighting with candles.

Hand job "Handwork! Avoid placing both hands on your hips. Instead, put one hand on your hip and angle it towards the lens. Don't grip them or pick at your nails.

Also keep your legs close together but not touching and position one towards the camera" 8 of 12 8. Mirror mirror "Know your good side from your not so good.

Most of us do not have completely balanced faces, so we can photograph better from one side. Practice in the mirror and work out which side is more flattering for your face.

Due to the small size and shape of Facebook profile pictures, have either a head and shoulders shot not head alone - it looks like a mug shot! The important part is to 'pose', within your own comfort zone, from reserved to racy.

If you don't, then it can look like a dull passport shot - and what does that say about you? Confidence control "Accept yourself for what you are and learn to like yourself in photographs. Kate Moss has uneven teeth for example. We tend to be self critical, but others don't notice the finer details.

And remember to smile. Even if you don't like your smile, most of us look better happy.

Bridal perfetta

Facebrush your Facebook If your profile picture is in need of a little touch up then click onto online airbrushing tool facebrush. You can also give the illusion of muscle definition.

All you have to do is upload your picture, let the pros at Facebrush work their magic and wait for their email notifying you that your picture is ready. The look of love Want to try a new look for your profile pic?

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