Compare and contrast role federal bureaucracy united state

The founding fathers of United States had formulated a balanced government based on Federalism. There existed two kinds of federalism; Dual and cooperative. In dual federalism, the powers of the Federal and state governments were equal.

Compare and contrast role federal bureaucracy united state

Factors explaining behavior of officials 1. Recruitment and retention a. Competitive service becoming more decentralized-increasing numbers recruited by agency-specific procedures d. Workers less often blue-collar; increasing diversity of white-collar occupations e.

Still some presidential patronage-presidential appointments, Schedule C jobs, non-career executive assignments 1 Pendleton Act The buddy system 1 Name-request job: Firing a bureaucrat 1 Most bureaucrats cannot be fired, although there are informal methods of discipline 2 Senior Executive Service SES can more easily be fired or transferred 3 SES managers receive cash bonuses for good performance 4 But very few SES members have actually been fired or even transferred, and cash bonuses not influential h.

Personal attributes-social class, education, political beliefs a.

Compare and contrast role federal bureaucracy united state

Results of survey of bureaucrats show that they 1 Are somewhat more liberal than the average 2 But they do not take extreme positions c. Do bureaucrats sabotage their political bosses? Highly structured roles make them relatively immune from personal attitudes This leads to what I call "Bureaucratic Inertia.

To what extent would agents of the IRS become "friendlier" just because it was policy. Likewise, if it was a Presidential order, as Commander in Chief, to accept Gays in the military, would the be accepted by Commanders and the rank and file?

Culture and careers a. Each agency has its own culture b. Jobs with an agency can be career enhancing or not c. Strong agency culture motivates employees 1 But it makes agencies resistant to change This is also an aspect of Bureaucratic Inertia.

Constraints much greater on government agencies than on private bureaucracies a. Hiring, firing, pay, procedures, etc. Effects of constraints 2 Government sometimes acts inconsistently 3 Easier to block action than take action 4 Reluctant decision making by lower-ranking employees 5 Red tape 5.

Why so many constraints? Constraints come from citizens: Agencies often seek alliances with congressional committees or interest groups Harold Seidman estimates that cabinet secretaries spend about 10 percent of their time attending to departmental business and 40 percent of their time testifying before congressional committees.

Forms of congressional supervision 1. Creation of agency by Congress 2. Statutory requirements of agency 3. Authorization of money, either permanent, fixed number of years, or annual 4. Appropriation of money allows spending B.

The Appropriations Committee and legislative committees 1.Chapter test. STUDY. PLAY. single-issue groups-group that focuses on one specific issue.

Compare, contrast, and critically evaluate the three theories of American democracy: pluralist theory, elite & class theory, and hyperpluralism. Federalism is a balance of power between the federal government and state governments.


Compare and contrast role federal bureaucracy united state

· Explain the iron triangle model of the bureaucracy and the role of executive agencies, (TVA), the United States Postal Service, and Amtrak. They differ from private corporations in that they do not have shareholders, but are owned by the government. The federal bureaucracy has become a major source for decision-making concerning.

The role of state and local governments has provided a vital role in defining federal relations. The relationship has been defined by a few factors: Congress, the Supreme Court or other courts, and funding policies The courts must address questions concerning the powers of the state and federal government.

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Other examples of Federal supremacy can be seen in the cases; United States v Morrison, Alden v Maine (), and Kimel v Florida Board of Regents.

In all the above mentioned cases, the Supreme Court declared that the actions of the Federal governments were unconstitutional and upheld the authority of the state governments.

The President and the Bureaucracy. The role of states in the American federal system was increased dramatically. Cuts in federal funding forced reductions in state and local social programs previously financed by the national government.

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