Enron and utilitarianism

Introduction So much has been written about the role of the Human Resource Management HRM function and its ability to respond to competitive pressures Foote, Within such approaches is an implicit assumption that gaining employee commitment to the organisation's goals is possible and indeed crucial Foote,

Enron and utilitarianism

Back to Table of Contents Christians from most church traditions are agreed that the Bible plays an essential role in determining our understanding of such commands and principles. And it is not hard to find Bible verses that speak about work. In the first two chapters of the Bible, men and women are given work to do, both caring for and cultivating natural resources given by God Gen.

There is also a daily pattern of work and rest Psalm The Book of Proverbs contains Enron and utilitarianism exhortations to work hard and warnings against idleness e. Manual work is not to be despised.

Even a king works with his hands 1 Samuel Jesus did the work of an artisan Mark 6: The prophets denounce the idle rich e. Like the prophets before him see Isa. The apostle Paul supported himself as a tentmaker to preserve his independence and self-respect, and to provide his converts with an example of diligence and self-reliance.

Paul encouraged them to share with others in need Eph. He saw honest labor as a way of commending the gospel 1 Thess. He reprimanded those enthusiasts who wanted to give up daily work to get on with what they considered more urgent gospel work, only to end up living off other people 2 Thess.

Work is to be approached as an act of worship 1 Cor. The Bible also expresses concern about employment issues. We work for God Col. Work is to be approached wholeheartedly and done well Eccl.

God intends that people should be adequately paid for the work they do and enjoy food, shelter and clothing as part of the fruit of that work Luke Employers are told to treat their employees justly and fairly, knowing that they themselves also have a master that they will ultimately answer to Col.

Employees are reminded of their responsibilities towards their employers 1 Tim. Beyond these injunctions, there are a multitude of other Bible verses that speak about relationship and integrity issues at work.

The topics include what to do when a customer is dissatisfied, when you lose a key employee, when you feel betrayed, when you feel tempted to cheat and when your employee needs motivation. Nonetheless, the attempt to formulate a complete book of rules based on Scripture that will speak to every conceivable ethical dilemma would seem to be a hopeless quest.

No set of commands can be vast enough to cover every issue that arises.

Enron and utilitarianism

Is it ethical to award stock options based on performance? Is it ethical to advertise a product to entice people to buy more of it? Is it ethical to have hiring preferences for under-represented ethnic groups? Is it ethical to buy a competing company? None of these situations would seem to be covered by a biblical command.

Moreover, this is the problem that the scribes and Pharisees ran into as they tried to come up with a comprehensive code and ended up not only overwhelmed by trivia, but also missing the main points. Yet, at the same time, it would be foolish for us to ignore the fact that Scripture does offer clarity on many issues: Dunmore Press, Back to Table of Contents A variety of attempts have been made to reduce the multitude of biblical commands to just a few overarching commands or principles.

Reflect Christ in your business practices. Provide a quality product at a fair price. Treat your employees fairly.Abstract. The global nature of competition, new and ever changing employee expectations, changing societal values and constant revisions of employment law have propelled human resource management (HRM) as one of the critical business function for continued organisational competitiveness in contemporary times.

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