Essays on steven berkoff

Hire Writer Even though Berkoff appropriated production manners from others and adapted the spoken words from a novel, the terminal consequence was unambiguously Berkovian.

Essays on steven berkoff

Critical perspective

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. We used various dramatic techniques and devices such as improvisation, freeze framing, mime and unison work. All these techniques were employed to develop our understanding of the play and its characters.

We split into two groups. We were told to focus on the transformation of Gregor and how we could create the figure of the beetle so we looked very carefully at the stage directions to try and replicate the ideas that Berkoff had when he adapted the play.

How did you explore this scene? Did it reinforce your understanding of the play? The point of this was to establish a better understanding of the character of Gregor and how he feels about his life and his job.

We performed an off-text improvisation to show this. We did this by taking one daily cycle of getting up, going to work, coming home and then going to sleep and repeating it again and again.

We also focused on the use of exaggerated mime in this exercise; we thought it would be more effective to show the emotion or rather lack of emotion of Gregor as he continues through his unbroken cycle of working, eating and sleeping.

This turned out to be very effective in conveying the fact that Gregor is trapped within this cycle and he cannot escape from it.

The feedback from the other group was very positive. They enjoyed our use of props, especially the use of a doorframe to represent the houses that Gregor was trying to sell his wares to.

They also commented on the way that we changed the person behind the door each time Gregor approached it to show that it was a different house. The other group had a similar idea.

They did this by repeating the exact same scene again and again at a gradually increasing tempo. I think that this exercise enabled us to really get in the mindset of Gregor Samsa and understand how he must feel to be almost reliving the same day over and over again.

We then decided to develop this idea. Andrew played Gregor and Jack and I played the role of the family. We did not play specific roles within the family as we wanted to represent the family as a whole. We made Andrew wear multiple layers of clothing to symbolise the money he had earned and when Andrew entered the home we rushed to him and tore these clothes from him almost like scavengers.

We decided to use what we had learnt from the previous exercises and show how Gregor had become familiarised to the situation by having him almost oblivious to what the family was doing.

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Once again we incorporated his daily cycle by having repeatedly entering the house, going to bed, getting up and then leaving. I think this piece went very well as the audience could see very clearly how the family saw Gregor as a means of support rather than an actual person.

Essays on steven berkoff

The audience said they liked the way we used exaggeration to make it obvious what was happening to him as we actually tore his possessions from his body. I think this exercise was very useful as it helped us build on what we had learned in the previous exercises.Free Essays / In this unit we looked at the beginning of Steven Berkoff’s adaptation of Metamorphosis.

We used various dramatic techniques and devices such as improvisation, freeze framing, mime and unison work. Metamorphosis- Steven Berkoff’s adaptation of Franz Kafka’s play: For this element of the coursework you have a word. Steven Berkoff is an English actor/director who trained at the Webber Douglas school of dramatic arts and the Ecole Jacques Lecoq, in which he trained in the art of physical theatre and mime.

The lack of official documentation on Berkoff's theories makes it especially hard to fully comprehend what exactly the Berkovian performance style involves and dictates.

Analysis: Metamorphosis by Steven Berkoff and My Mother Said I Never Should by Charlotte Keatley. Topics: The Metamorphosis Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis is so strikingly absurd that it has engendered countless essays dissecting every possible rational and irrational aspect of the book.

Here are resources including major dissertations, essays, an interview with Berkoff and a play inspired by Berkoff. Click on the images for the full text. Creating the "Berkovian" Aesthetic. Steven later changed it again to Berkoff.

In , during the Second World War the Berk children were evacuated with their mother from the bombing of London to the relative safety of Luton. His Father having to stay for a while, as his business was deemed important so had to keep running.

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