Ideas for writing a romantic poem

Poems from lovers often become treasured keepsakes, kept as reminders of passion and romance past.

Ideas for writing a romantic poem

Piano Studio of Martin E. Kabule Music History - The Romantic Period "Romanticism" was brought about by the social and political stresses following the French Revolution, and the resulting nationalistic trends. It was a period of dramatic thought and action, also involving contradictions between capitalism and socialism, freedom and oppression, logic and emotion, science and faith.

This resulted in a change in the thinking of people, especially creative artists.

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There was a general impatience with the rules and restraints of Classicism, and music "revolted" against the practices of Mozart and Haydn. The goal was to be different and individualistic. The ideal for the Romantic composer was to reflect his own feelings and emotions in his compositions in order to instill in the listener certain preconceived moods.

The expression of emotion and the "sparking" of the imagination were a primary goal. The center of musical activity shifted from Vienna to Paris, and musicians were no longer attached to patrons.

However, while composers during this time did not write for the lower classes, their music was addressed to the masses to a far greater degree than before in the history of music.

Music became more and more disassociated from real life, while expressing the splendor and pride of the human spirit.

In the effort to capture audiences, a dynamic and colorful personality became an important asset. Such examples can be found in such individuals as Liszt, Berlioz and Wagner.

The concert manager, or "impresario" as he was often called, was also an important figure in the business of music. Another important person behind the scenes of music was the music critic. Romanticism still served a sophisticated and aristocratic society, as had been the case with Classical music.

Aristocratic patronage was smaller, but the intimacy of the exclusive salon was still the ideal setting for performances.

Performance, however, was no longer by mere amateurs, for Romantic music was usually too technically demanding for unskilled performers. Standing outside the circle of the exclusive salon was a large, but unorganized and unsophisticated, concert-going public, which loved music.

ideas for writing a romantic poem

Romantic composers were constantly striving to gain recognition of this large audience and, in an effort to win acceptance, they were very sensitive to the likes and dislikes of these music-lovers.

Performers, as well as composers, had the urge to be acceptable and to dazzle audiences. Composers were often fine performers as well, such as Liszt and Chopin, who wrote a large number of virtuoso pieces to thrill the public with technical display.

The Romantic composer expressed his own feelings and convictions, writing music to express himself in personal "documents of art".

The church was no longer considered a patron of music, with very little music written for liturgical purposes.Here you'll find lots of poetry ideas you can use for your creative writing.

(Were you looking instead for short story ideas?) At the bottom of this page, you'll find links to even more poem starters and to creative writing lessons on how to write poems.

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