Relationship between photography art and psychology photography essay

Commercial photographer, writer and photographic instructor The Line Between Art and Photography Here's a provocative question: Have a think about this carefully, for a moment. Today I'm going to crack open the lid of one of the biggest cans of worms in the whole of photography, peer inside, give you my 1.

Relationship between photography art and psychology photography essay

10 Principles of Psychology You Can Use to Improve Your Photography - Resource

The following are the interviews and portraits of all the participants: Pentacostal Zimbabwean born Matifadza Mati for short considers herself to have strong ties to her parents and elder brother, who still all reside in Africa.

She finished her university studies in Cyprus and obtained a job through the European Erasmus plus programme. After a while, she came to know of a possible internship in Malta through Alec Douglas of Cross Culture International Foundation and, after applying, she was accepted.

Primarily her internship involves work revolving around human resources and administration. Although she has not been staying long in Malta, she actually arrived in September ; she has resided at various places around the island, namely Tarxien, Marsascala, Sliema, Swatar and Fgura!

She was particularly fond of her Sliema and Marsascala residential periods as in these two towns she found friendly and helpful people. She finds Malta relatively cheaper and more manageable to live in than other countries that she has already resided in, yet she misses her family and the African food.

On the other hand, she is glad to be able to explore and work in different and interesting places such as Malta. In fact, she is still young and, as most youths do, she does not intend to become tied so early to just one place, instead she would rather experience life wherever there is an opportunity for her to take.

When recounting about her experience in Malta, she has encountered some instances where she felt discriminated against or where people acted in a rude manner towards her.

She particularly recalled one situation when she had to visit the Paola health clinic and she was left for a long time waiting to see a doctor.

To make matters worse, the doctor on duty did not even see her and just left his cubicle even though he knew she was waiting for him to call her inside! She would have liked to assert her rights but decided against it for obvious reasons.

Like many migrants she has found nurturing Maltese friends rather difficult and she primarily networks and relates more with her workmates and a handful of Maltese she has met at church. However, she still considers her stay in Malta to be a positive one and she particularly likes the scenery and the sea views of the island.

For her, it is vital that migrants should not be intimidated by the somewhat aloof air of the Maltese when they come in contact with migrants. The latter themselves need to try and make an effort to befriend and approach the Maltese and vice versa.

Relationship between photography art and psychology photography essay

Through her experience with the NGO she works with, she has found that the best way of approaching migrant communities is through someone who already has gained their trust; usually a common local person rather than a government official. In that manner a better more speedy understanding and rapport can be established and migrants can easily discover who really wants to help them.

In fact, she has found certain migrant parents understandably wary of allowing their children to be educated and helped. This is natural as most of these migrants would not have had enough information and confidence as to who is trying to help out and who is perhaps trying to exploit and take advantage.

Christian Stephen did not leave Nigeria for just economical reasons. In his own words, his Nigerian family is well-off and they come from a good social background. Inhe left Nigeria in order to see more of the world as he loves to travel and discover other lands, cultures and societies.

He arrived in Europe through France, going then straight to Italy where he worked in a restaurant. It is there that he met and married his present wife, a Hungarian who was also employed in Italy.

After marriage, Stephen and his wife moved to Hungary where he worked with a manufacturing company. Hungary was not so economically sound and Stephen had a language communication problem.

Relationship between photography art and psychology photography essay

Thus, inthe couple decided to move to Malta. This became possible because due to his marriage Stephen had gained the ability to move freely across European Union countries. Stephen, like most Nigerians, speaks good English so he could easily communicate with the Maltese. In fact, Stephen feels it was the correct move as he declares that if he was to choose the best country he has yet resided in, he has no hesitation in selecting Malta.

It is interesting that on his arrival at Luqa airport, he felt quite at home as not only were the local buses of the same colour as those in Nigeria but, at that time, the attitude of the drivers was also similar!“Our fine arts were developed, their types and uses were established, in times very different from the present, by men whose power of action upon things was insignificant in comparison with ours.

All my history essays will conclude with how hard it is being black. This article or section possibly contains synthesis of material which does not verifiably mention or relate to the main topic.

Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. (August ) (Learn how and when to remove this template message). "This volume explores the intersection of psychology and theology, but it is not a simple intersection. It is an intersection affected by rich theological and ecclesiological traditions, by the ravages and wonders of modern psychology, and by the character and qualities of today's ministers and communities of faith.".

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