Sloppy writing about correlations

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Sloppy writing about correlations

sloppy writing about correlations

The required usage of multimodal compositions was my Achilles Heel, warranted by previous experiences. The class itself became the most useful tool when it came to understanding what multimodal means and the amount of research necessary to produce an effective historical and advocacy paper.

After writing the Historical Conversations Project sloppy writing about correlations the Advocacy Project, I looked back to my Self-Assessment assignment from the beginning of this course and I immediately felt more intellectually mature.

Writing 39C pointed me towards the right direction on how to write a credible paper and I look forward to future opportunities where I can implement what I learned.

The rest of the reflection goes to illustrate my growth as a writer during the course of this class and what aspects I need to improve on. I had very little idea what Professor Erik Kongshaug was conveying to me in his feedback on my Self-Assessment assignment regarding what Writing 39C entails.

In urban study papers, we often have to draw information from different sources and use statistical data to prove our point. In a previous urban study paper, I implemented analytical skills from Writing 39B in order to convince the politicians that the matter I am addressing is imminent and should be a priority.

This quarter, I utilized my new ability to find and incorporate credible multimodal sources. I utilized similar strategies from Writing 39C when writing this paper, by using historical research and multimodal composition.

I appealed to the imminent dangers from natural hazards in Taiwan by quoting The World Bank first highlightand used historical events to warrant their finding second, third, and fourth highlight. Then I illustrated how ineffective the current emergency management system is by using credible sources fifth and sixth highlight.

This paper was written a bit later than the HCP, which allowed me to utilize what I learned in Writing 39C to effectively argue the urgent need for a foundation to intervene in Taiwan during a natural disaster. I find it easier for myself to write a paper based off of the abundance of sources that is relevant and supportive of my topic.

I would then analyze and gather essential quotes that best support my topic and then work towards organizing the paper to fit my thesis. This writing process proved to be ineffective and negligent when writing a historical research-based paper.

I have never encountered such critique from any professor regarding my annotated bibliography, especially when I used to believe that bibliographies are a waste of time and bears no significance. The same amount of work and thought put into Writing 39B did not work for Writing 39C. The real wake-up call was from the feedback for HCP: I began to spend more time deepening my research and diving into a more specific topic.

I changed my writing process entirely, which starts by searching a topic I am interested in, instead of one with more source publications. I began to understand the importance of having various sources such as statistical data, scholarly journals, and credible interviews to warrant any research topic.

The utilization of multimodality not only builds my ethos, but it also benefits the overall organization of the paper.

By using different types of sources thorough the research paper, my audience will believe that I have done my homework and know what I am talking about.

What that meant to me was to know all of facts pertaining to my topic and the possible retaliation of critiques from the opposite side.

I took that phrase to heart and addressed the popular beliefs regarding the positive aspects of the SAT in my AP. Comprehensive rhetorical analysis, along with multimodal compositions that address various arguments and counter-arguments, is cohesively effective when addressing a specific topic.Can you be gluten intolerant without having celiac disease?

Can gluten cause symptoms not related to digestion? A growing body of evidence proves that non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS) is not only real, but possibly a larger problem than celiac disease.

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What I've Learned; Writing 39C Final ePortfolio Andy Cho. Home. Settings for Home. My sloppy writing process was first pointed out by Professor Kongshaug in the feedback for Research Assignment: "Annotated" Bibliography 1.

but can be inferred due to cohesive multimodal correlations. I began to understand the importance of having various. upconvolution, or (iii) attempting to resolve the confusion, as in [28], which awkwardly refers to “upconvolution (deconvolution)”.

As another example, generative models are traditionally models of either the input distribution p(x) or the joint distribution p(x,y).

I would guess the progressive paradox of intelligence being nurture not nature is the strong linking of intelligence, education, and morality in their world view. Jul 05,  · A few years ago, two researchers took the 50 most-used ingredients in a cook book and studied how many had been linked with a cancer risk or benefit, based on a .

Correlation & Regression Jeff Sinn, Winthrop University, SPSS Guide – Correlation & Regression (rev 9/6) SPSS Guide: Correlation & Regression Once the data are entered, go to.

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