Writing activities for speech therapy

Here are a list of handwriting grips and what they look like. The grips are, Static Tripod, dynamic tripod, adapted tripod, quadrupod, gross grasp, digital pronated, 5 finger, thumb tuck, thumb wrap, tripod with closed web space. Looking at the different motor needs for writing and the movements that you use, you have:

Writing activities for speech therapy

Should You Be Working on Writing? Usually, when we think of expressive language we think verbal, but what about writing? According to ASHA, writing is within our scope of practice: Appropriate roles and responsibilities for SLPs include, but are not limited to a preventing written language problems by fostering language acquisition and emergent literacy; b identifying children at risk for reading and writing problems; c assessing reading and writing; d providing intervention and documenting outcomes for reading and writing; and e assuming other roles, such as providing assistance to general education teachers, parents, and students; advocating for effective literacy practices; and advancing the knowledge base.

These roles are dynamic in relation to the evolving knowledge base and have implications for research and professional education. So, here are some resources you can use to help your students develop their verbal and written language.

Assessment There are two tests that I used that have components to assess written language, the Oral and Written Language Scales: Both of these assessments have subtests to evaluate components of written language.

Reading, Writing, and Spelling in a Speech-Language Room

Goals Here is where I think working on writing can get intimidating. The students that I have that need to work on writing usually also receive LD Resource services. The resource teacher and I will share a goal for writing in these instances.

We touch base on their writing periodically and when it comes time for progress reports. Activities and Materials The great thing about writing is that it is very flexible and easy to incorporate into sessions.

As your students progress with one goal, say synonyms, have then write a sentence with the targeted word in it. You can have students identify describing components for an item, then write a sentence for each one.

As the students progress you can have them work up to paragraphs. It is a helpful and easy way to see if they are carrying over the areas you are working on. One thing I have my students do is say their sentences out loud, a word at a time, as they write.

You would be surprised how many of them still make errors on things we have worked on like verb tenses and plurals. That is why I have them go word by word. Working with scrambled sentences is a great way for them to start learning structure as well. You can have them unscramble a sentence to put it in the correct order, then write the sentence down.

Writing can appear to be a daunting task for our students, using the provided structure of an organizer can help to take some of the pressure off and provide visual support. There are lots of cute graphic organizers out there, a quick Google or TpT search will give you plenty.

This type of organizer can add that level of engagement that some students lack when it comes to writing tasks. Here are a few more materials you can check out: Students can write a letter to a character or their response to a general plot question.There are lots of brilliant speech therapy activities you can do at home to help develop your child’s articulation, language development, reading comprehension, and writing skills, and you don’t need to purchase fancy speech therapy toys to enjoy them.

Speech Therapy Activities Speech Pathology Speech Language Pathology Speech And Language Language Activities Language Arts Writing Sentences Writing Worksheets Sentence Writing Forward Who-Action-Where Worksheets-working on subject-verb with an extra element.

Here we bring you 6 amazing resources that offer free online speech therapy materials for adults. Apps Offer the Greatest Speech Therapy Materials. 1) Speech therapy apps are interactive, with feedback and scores to measure your progress.

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The site also offers a chat room to practice writing, and the ability to speak with other readers via. If you’re looking for speech therapy activities you can do at home, in a clinical setting, or within the classroom, you’ve come to the right place.

Speech Therapy Activities: 14 Articulation Exercises for Kids. and writing skills, and you don’t need to purchase fancy speech therapy toys to enjoy them.

You can improvise with games. Speech Buddies Parents’ Corner – 5 Activities that Encourage Writing Skills by Chris O. Image Courtesy of timberdesignmag.com As a writer, putting words on paper or the screen is as natural for me as talking to myself (which I do a lot of, too). Should You Be Working on Writing?

Here are some FREE activities that work on scrambled sentences. Have the students put together a sentence and then make one of their own.

writing activities for speech therapy

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